Parent Involvement

One of the many things that makes the Soldier Hollow Charter School experience so unique for your children is the parent involvement. On any given day at Soldier Hollow there are many dedicated parents volunteering to help your children excel and be the best that they can be.

  • Volunteers are an integral and critical part of our successful running of the School. Parent commitment is vital and we so appreciate all that our parents do to make our programs very successful.
  • Families are encouraged to be involved in their children’s education and volunteer in or out of the classroom.  There are many ways parents may help such as at school with lunch or recess duty, driving on field trips, sitting on committees that play a vital role at our school, help organize fundraisers, help with our website and so much more. Volunteer Hours may be logged in at the home page of our website, under the link “Parent Log Hours”, or here.
  • Parents are expected to get their children to school on time.
  • It is appreciated if you call and notify the school when your children are or will be absent.
  • Parents must sign their children in and out if they are coming in late or leaving early.  We do this through our CCSS computer in the main office.
  • Parents are expected to check-in to the office before entering a classroom.  We value instruction and interruptions take away from the learning and pull all students off task.

School-wide Volunteer Opportunities:

  • EE Week: Environmental Science lessons throughout these three days. Contact: Stefani Gee, MaryAnn Cineus, Nancy Christensen, or Brenda Hedden
  • Crossing Guards, morning & afternoon shifts: Contact: Lara Graham
  • Rewards Program: Contact:
  • Cross Country Skiing, December 13th – March 6th: Help students learn to ski during school hours. Contact: Soldier Hollow Lodge
  • Book Fair, November; March: Contact: Lara Graham
  • Yearbook: Need parents to take pictures throughout the year. Contact: Lindsay Bowen and Adriana England
  • SHCS Winter Olympics, March 2017: 2 day event that dedicates a day to Country Presentations & one day to a ski competition. Contacts: Lara Graham
  • Art Festival:  Ivana Radu
  • Field Day: Contact: Lara Graham
  • School Community Council: Coletter Broadhead
  • Office Assistance: Tami Gray
  • Classroom Coordinators:  Classroom Teachers
  • Safety Committee: Marina Cortopassi
  • Green Council-Students: Stefani Gee, Lindsey Kearney, Thomas Wade
  • Green Council-Adults: Brenda Hedden
  • Social Events/Marketing: Brenda Hedden
  • Gala: Main Office, Crystal Miller
  • Student Fundraising/Drawing: Lara Graham
  • Volunteer Committee-organizes volunteers for various school events, classroom needs and more.  
  • Reading Plan Committee- Bethany Mumford or Brenda Hedden.
  • Technology Committee- we would like to create a three year plan to meet our student and school technology needs.
  • Safety Committee- this committee’s focus is school safety.  This would include parking lot, field trip, playground safety as well as looking at our emergency response program.
  • Grant Writing- We would like your help! Are you a skilled writer? We have a profile established but need writers and editors, as well as researchers to determine what is out there and available for our school. .
  • Special Events- help organize special events for the school, such as our family fun nights, Olympics, Field Day, Art Fair, fundraising and much more. Megan Reed
  • Art Committee- have a talent that you would like to share?  Our art committee is strong in talent and enthusiasm and meets monthly to prepare for the upcoming artistic focus for our elementary classrooms.
  • Snow Skiing Chaperones:  We are also looking for parent volunteers to help supervise snow skiing from December 16th – March 6th.  If you can donate an hour or an afternoon a week to help our students learn to ski, it would be wonderful and a free day pass will be given out to each parent that can assist.

  • Website Updating:  We are looking for an additional person to help update our website, as an Editor.  If you are able and knowledgeable about Word Press, please let the office know.

SHCS Parent Involvement Policy


SHCS Student-Parent-Teacher Compact

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