Soldier Hollow Charter School has no policy that prevents or otherwise denies student participation in constitutionally protected prayer. Students are allowed to pray in school if they choose; however, school personnel are prohibited from leading the class in a prayer.

Soldier Hollow Charter School will maintain constitutional freedom in regards to religious observation and education. School activities, performances, or displays which include religion, or religious thought or expression, or the influence of religion on music, art, literature, law, politics, history, or any other element of the curriculum which is designed to achieve secular educational objectives will be undertaken. No aspect of cultural heritage, political theory, moral theory, or societal value will be included or excluded from the curricula simply because it affirms, ignores, or denies religious belief, religious doctrine, a religious sect, or the existence of a spiritual realm or supreme being.

Adapted from Utah Code 53A-13-101.1

Approved 08/06

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