Public Comment at Board Meetings Policy

The Soldier Hollow School Board encourages input from students and parents. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that interested parties representing various points of view are allowed time to present those viewpoints while permitting the Board to conduct its meetings in an efficient and effective manner.
Rules and Procedures
Agenda: There is an official agenda for each Board meeting that determines the order and
content of business conducted at that meeting. Requests by students or parents to place an
item of business on the agenda must be made to the Board Chair at least one week prior to
a regular meeting and may be included on the agenda at the discretion of the Board Chair.
Public Comment: The Board will provide an opportunity for public comment at each of its
regular meetings by including a public comment agenda item. The Board Chair or the
presiding officer will ask if anyone wishes to address the Board and will determine the order in which speakers will be recognized. When deemed to be appropriate, the Board Chair or presiding officer may also grant a request to address the Board during other portions of the meeting.
Presentation of Comments: Each speaker will provide his/her name and grades of
children attending Soldier Hollow Charter School. The Board Chair or presiding officer has the discretion to determine the length of time and the number of times a person may
speak. Comments should be brief and to the point. Unless additional time is granted by the
Chair or presiding officer, each person will have three minutes to speak. Members of the
public will not be allowed to speak a second time until all members of the audience who
wish to speak have had the opportunity to do so. The Board Chair may also deny the
opportunity to speak to a person who has previously addressed the Board on the same
subject within the past two months.
1. Speakers are expected to display proper decorum at all times.
2. Matters currently under negotiation or litigation, or related to personnel will not be
discussed in public.
3. Personal attacks are not permitted.
4. You should use the appropriate administrative channels for addressing operational
matters and address such concerns to the Board only if they go unresolved.
The Board may or may not respond or clarify immediately Those who fail to do so may be
prohibited from making further comments or removed from the meeting for misconduct.
Petitions or Written Correspondence: Any petitions or written correspondence to the
Board shall be presented to them at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.
Board Response
Action: As a general rule, the Board will not respond to public comments at the time they
are made. The Board may comment, take action, or not take action with respect to a public
comment at a future Board meeting, as it deems appropriate.Exceptions: The Board reserves the right to waive this policy and these procedures when
necessary to conduct Board meetings effectively.

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