Rechenka’s Egg and Easter Egg Decorating

Students returned from spring break last week with many stories to share of travel and activities from their week off of school. As we are entering the last seven weeks of school, schedules are filled with various outdoor lessons, field trips, as well as end of the year testing. 4th, 5th and 6th graders are also getting very excited for their grade’s annual spring trips to Moab, Bullfrog, and Teton Science School.


The 3rd grade students learned last week about different Easter traditions.  Ivana Radu, who is from Slovakia, told the students about the ways the children celebrate the holiday.  Easter in Slovakia is a celebration of welcoming spring and the egg is a symbol of new life.

On Monday of the holiday celebration, in Slovak tradition, the boys go from house to house and splash the girls with water so they will have good health and beauty all year. The girls in turn give beautifully decorated eggs to the boys.


Ivana showed the students some of the ornate eggs that she had from Slovakia and also described different techniques used to decorate them.  Then, 3rd graders decorated their own eggs.  The students really enjoyed comparing and contrasting the different customs and the eggs that they created.

Students in 3rd grade read a book Rechenka’s Egg from Patricia Polacco. They discussed the traditions in the United States and how they are similar to the story in the book. They tried to blow the egg yolk and white from the egg and decorate the eggs. They also learned more about the traditions in Eastern Europe and why they decorate the eggs so beautifully.



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