School Begins September 6


What a wonderful summer we are having.  Our new school on  3444 W  3000 S in Charleston is coming along nicely and we are excited to own our own facility and offer a 10 acre indoor and outdoor classroom for our students.  Following the place-based philosophy, we spent 16 years giving our roots a chance to grow deep and strong and now building a beautiful 43,000 sf facility on 10 acres, demonstrates the fruits of many parents, staff and students hard work and vision.  We are blooming and so excited for our future.



School will begin at 8:15 a.m. on Wednesday, September 6, giving our families the opportunity to enjoy August, which is the best time of the summer.  The weather is nice, the reservoirs have warmed which makes boating and swimming pleasurable and it gives us time to transition in to our new school.  We are excited to welcome you to our great community of learning.  If you have any questions about this upcoming school year or are interested in learning more about Soldier Hollow Charter School, please call our offices at 435-654-1347.



Principles of Successful Place-Based Education


  • Learning takes place on-site in the school yard, and in the local community and environment.
  • Learning focuses on local themes, systems, and content.
  • Learning is personally relevant to the learner.
  • Learning experiences contribute to the community’s vitality and environmental quality and support the community’s role in fostering global environmental quality.
  • Learning is supported by strong and varied partnerships with local organizations, agencies, businesses, and government.
  • Learning is interdisciplinary.
  • Learning experiences are tailored to our scholars.
  • Learning is grounded in and supports the development of a love for one’s place.
  • Local learning serves as the foundation for understanding and participating appropriately in regional and global issues.
  • Place-based education programs are integral to achieving other school goals.


Come learn with us at Soldier Hollow Charter School, where we create life long learners in a safe, nurturing environment.

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