SHCS Board Meeting Minutes 1/10/17


Board: Crystal M., Erin M., Joann M., Robert C., Mike P., Mike H.
Admin/Staff: Brenda H., Patty H., Brooke L.
Other: Rich E., Stacey W.
Called to order at 6:38pm.
MOTION to approve December minutes by Robert C., second by Joanne M., ALL IN FAVOR.

1. Mardi Gras – date set with Zermatt, will advertise with flyer and social media. Cost will
be $30 a person or $50 a couple. Event will include music, auction and dinner.
Proceeds will go into general funding.
2. PTO – Olympic dates set and teams are being formed.
3. Community Council – no report
4. Lease Update – no update
5. Middle School Committee – A parent meeting is scheduled for January 24 th and the
committee is working on a presentation.
Board member Shannon W. arrived at 7:20pm.
6. Construction Committee – Committee met with the construction companies with the
three lowest bids and called references. Discussed USDA requirements for contractor
selection. Brenda will explore funding of a project manager thru USDA.

MOTION to move forward with Patriot as the contractor subject to board review of the final agreement and independent council review by Erin M., second by Shannon, ALL IN FAVOR.


MOTION to authorize a search for a local individual to manage construction project and bill us directly or indirectly by Mike P., second by Mike H., ALL IN FAVOR.
7. Budget review – YTD and monthly budget reviewed by Rich E.
8. Preschool and Kindergarten fees – Committee is working on fee recommendations to
present to the board at the next meeting.
MOTION to have only two kindergarten classes for the 2017-2018 school year by Robert C., second by Shannon W., ALL IN FAVOR.
9. Next meeting Monday, February 13 th at 6:30
MOTION to adjourn by Robert C., second by Erin M., ALL IN FAVOR.

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