SHCS Board Meeting Minutes 3/14/17

6:30 pm

Board: Crystal M., Robert C., Erin M., Mike P.
Admin/Staff: Brenda H., Adriana E., Bethany M., Patty H., Lindsey B.
Other: Lara G., Rich E., Lori H.
Meeting called to order at 6:40pm by Robert C.
MOTION to approve January meeting minutes by Robert C., second by Mike P., ALL IN FAVOR.
Joanne M. arrived at 6:50pm.
1 January and February budget review by Rich E. Discussed options for employee health
care benefits for next year. We accept the report.
2 PTO by Lara G. – Everything is great!
3 Community Council by Erin M. – Child access plan for new building was approved. Land
trust money will be used for technology at new building. The land trust money for next
year is earmarked for a media center.
4 Principal’s report by Brenda H. – Cultural day and the Olympics was a big success.
Brenda is working on scheduling the Olympics for next year.
5 Nature Explore, landscape architects will be here March 23 rd and 24 th to discuss vision
and plans for the new school site.
6 Mardi Gras report by Lori H. – Total profit of $16,293.57. Next year Lori would like more school support in gathering large donations.
7 Enrollment and Lottery was done today at 1:30. Pre-K has 30 students enrolled.
Kindergarten is full at 46. 1 st grade is full to 46 (wait list 5), 2 nd grade 46, 3 rd grade 46, 4 th
grade 46, 5 th grade 40, 6 th grade 40, 7 th has 30.
8 7 th grade committee by Crystal M. – We will be meeting to review teacher applications
and Brenda is working on a curriculum.
9 Pre-K report by Brenda – working to hire teachers. Children will be taught thru play and
exploration. Fee schedule was approved in February’s meeting.
10 New positions for next year – Discussed hiring an Environmental Education teacher for
next year, would benefit entire school and focus energy on middle school for next
school year. The school needs a custodian. Job listings are posted for 7 th , 4 th grade and
pre-K teachers.
11 Teacher evaluation and compensation will remain the same for next year.
12 Board elections – scheduled for May 12 th .
13 Construction – We are two weeks ahead of schedule. All the concrete is poured.
Bathrooms are being framed and structural supports are being placed. Review of
moving bids, the lowest bid was $10,888.50. Review of bids to move portables

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