SHCS Board Meeting Minutes May 9th, 2017





Board: Robert C., Crystal M., Erin M., Joanne M., Mike H., Mike P.

Admin/Staff: Brenda H., Nancy C., Jennifer W., Samantha H, Patty H., Shannon P.

Other:  Rich Eccles, Lara Graham., Ivana Radu, Jamie Bennion, Amber Bates, Mike Bronson.


Meeting Called to order at 6:43pm by Robert C.


MOTION to approve April minutes by Robert C., second by Mike H., ALL IN FAVOR.


  1. Budget review by Rich E. – review of finance and account report for March 2017. Presentation of proposed budget from 2017-2018 school year.
  2. Call with Selvan Rajavelu about sewer and waste treatment issue with the new building. The board requested possible solution suggestions and a time table for receiving additional quotes.


Arrival of board member Shannon W. at 7:33pm.


  1. Parent proposed plan for cell phones and electronic devices by Ivana Radu.  Ivana’s purpose is to have a school policy that protects students and insures safe and appropriate use of devices.  Student reminders about appropriate use of devices will be added to the morning announcements.
  2. PTO report by Lara G. – Teacher Appreciation week was last week and went well. PTO is currently working on field day.
  3. Principal’s report by Brenda H.- 4th grade Moab trip was two weeks ago and 5th grade Bullfrog trip was last week. Both were a huge success.  Interviews for open positions are underway.  A new music teacher has been selected and she can begin tomorrow.  Brenda is working closely with Mike B.  The state has created a new kindergarten assessment program.
  4. Special education presentation by Jennifer W. – Reviewed Utah State Board of Education Special Education Services annual data review. Also reviewed state parent survey results and state targets were met.  Brenda H. and Jennifer W. have established a plan for completing state forms in the future.
  5. Policy handbook by Brenda H. – Brenda sent the Charter Solutions Policy Handbook for the board’s consideration and would like to create a handbook for the fall.
  6. Construction update – introduction of Mike Bronson as new facilities manager. Discussion of sewer and septic options.  Brenda presented unofficial bid from Easy Treat, another state approved company for septic systems.  Construction committee will work on getting approval of Easy Treat system from the Tracy with Wasatch County Health Department.  The board agrees that concrete footers for the portables should be laid.  Two other quotes will by obtained for doing the concrete footing.  Board will make a decision by Friday.


MOTION to approve all three current change orders contingent on budgetary review and quotes by Robert C., second by Mike P., ALL IN FAVOR.


  1. New Positions for next year discussed.


MOTION to approve two teachers for 7th grade for the 2017-2018 by Crystal M., second by



The Board will revisit hiring an Environmental Education teacher for 2018-2019.


  1. Next Meeting June 13th at 6:30pm.


Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.



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