SHCS Board Meeting, October 11, 2017


                                                 October 11, 2017

                                                           6:30 pm



Board:  Crystal M., Erin M., Joanne M., David P., Robert C.

Admin/Staff:  Brenda H., Lindsey B., Samantha H., Adriana E., Patty H.

Other:  Rich E., Jaime B., Lara G.


Called to order by Robert C. at 6:30pm.


MOTION to approve minutes by Mike P., second Joanne M., ALL IN FAVOR.


  1. Budget review presented by Rich E.
  2. PTO by Lara G. – Lindsey K. has volunteered to head up a fall fundraiser. PTO is preparing for Red Ribbon Week.
  3. Community council – meeting Thursday
  4. Principal report by Brenda H. – EE week is next week. Fall break is next Thursday and Friday.  Newsletter has been reformatted.  PAR is being finalized for the loan.  USDA rates have dropped again to 2.3.  Yurt is still not assembled.  Presentation of preschool proposal for next year.  Brenda received a call about someone putting a Christmas Village on the school property.  They would allow us to fundraise at the event.


Mike H. arrived at 7:35pm.


  1. Lease update by Mike P. – The lease is locked but we still need to negotiate for an annex, the Olympics and next year’s ski fees.
  2. Real estate committee by Joanne M. – Working with engineers to redesign beams to meet wind requirements. Committee will ask architects for an addendum with clarified payment schedule.  NJRA cost estimate reviewed.  Brenda will follow up on USDA loan draw process.
  3. Move and set up of portables – Moving the portable will cost approximately $110,000. The cost can be paid by the USDA loan.
  4. Traffic survey and plan – Will cost $2900 to do a traffic survey. Charleston board was shown our current plan and liked the plan.
  5. Bus purchase by Brenda H. – Current listings reviewed. Will add cost of bus financial projections.


MOTION to approve continuation of 3 million USDA loan approval process by Mike P., second by Crystal M., ALL IN FAVOR.


  1. Charter review/trustee responsibilities – Ways the Board can improve, path for future self-assessment.
  2. Next board meeting is November 8th, 2016.


Meeting adjourned at 9:50pm.








Future agendas:  INSURANCE

Vote in a change to fundraising policy, use of funds


Budget for growth deep or wide

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