Snow Days Policy


I.          Board Policy

It is the policy of Soldier Hollow Charter School to call a “snow day” when road conditions present hazardous conditions, such as blizzards or excessive snowfall, jeopardizing the safety of students and employees.


II.        Procedure

  • Administration shall establish an appropriate emergency notification system.
  • Administration shall follow Wasatch School District decisions regarding snow days.
  • Details will be posted on the school website, and all other appropriate means of communications.


A.  Snow Day

1.   A snow day means school is canceled for the day.

2.   Any full day of school missed due to weather conditions will be made up at a later date.

B. Daytime Storms

1.   If at the end of the school day severe weather conditions, such as a blizzard or a heavy snowstorm, create hazardous travel conditions, students will be held at school until such time as it is safe for the parents to pick up their children.

2.   If employees are required by the school to remain at school for longer than their contracted hours, they will be allowed compensatory time for the hours worked beyond their contracted time.

C.   In the event an employee does not come to work because of weather, but the school is able to be in session, the employee will be required to take a personal/sick leave day or a day of leave-without-pay.

D.   In case of an afternoon late release, school employees are expected to remain with students until they are safely on the way home from school.

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