STEM Project for 2nd grade

The 2nd grade students at Soldier Hollow Charter School have been learning the Engineering Design Process. This is a series of steps engineers use to guide them in problem solving. Engineers must ask a question, imagine a solution, plan a design, create a model, experiment and test the model. The emphasis is for students to understand that engineers must “imagine and plan” before they begin to build and experiment.

The students were given a milk carton, straws, and skewers to design a car that would roll with a small push. Using the Engineering Design Process, 2nd graders enthusiastically planned their creations. During the lesson, students had the opportunity to talk with Brain Lighthall, a Wasatch High 1994 graduate who works as a mechanical Engineer in the auto industry.  The students also learned about force,motion and studied how mass would affect speed.  Once all the cars were built, the students raced their experimental cars down the paved ski track. It was a great experience which delighted our future engineers!

4th graders had the opportunity to visit the State Capitol last Monday. Students were guided on a tour of the Gold Room, Legislative Chambers, Supreme Court,  and the beautiful Rotunda. As students gazed up at the Rotunda’s murals,  they were able to recall the highlights of Utah’s history  which they have been learning this year during Social Studies.

Parent teacher conferences along with the Scholastic Book Fair were last week. This year our Book Fair has been held in our yurt. A big thank you to our parent volunteer, Claudia Heusch, for coordinating this event! Students now are off to enjoy their spring break with a good book in hand!


Class Milk Carton Cars Milk Carton Cars

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