Board Meeting Minutes April 2013


Board Members Attending: David Sullivan, Jami Oram, Lonny Reed, Chris Hughes, Amber Bates and Claudia Heusch. Others attending: Brenda Hedden, Jen and Nate Drozd (teachers), Janet Lundstam, Jenny Webb, Ivana Radu and Tricia Livingstone (parents) and Joan Kohler.

Meeting called to order at 6:38 by David Sullivan
1. Presentation Building Co: Scott and Corey Brand were invited by Lonny Reed to talk to the Board about building a new building. They have a program where they go in and help Schools find property to build their facilities on, help design and finance the construction and then lease back to the school with option to purchase until the school is able to obtain financing and purchase it on their own. They have done this approximately 30 times in the last nine years. Facilities have all varied in size and cost. They are not a construction company, they are developers. Appeal for school raises if school is designed right. They have usually worked with new schools, we are established. Discussion further included schools they had worked with, bond financing, our existing portables and what we are looking to in terms of expansion. If we decide to build our own facility then their goal is to make it painless and seamless for the school.
2. Parents Questions: Tricia Livingstone was concerned and had questions on last June’s fundraising money that was raised for the 6th grade field trip at the Dirty Dash. She doesn’t feel that the students who raised that money should be told ‘sorry’ it was spent by someone else. She was referring to a parent meeting that was held last week at the school. The meeting didn’t go as planned. Brenda didn’t want parents to pay and she is committed to make this trip happen. The pizza fundraising money being earned now will go to the trip. Tricia wants students to feel that what they did counted. Everyone agrees with that. The school will have a solid policy in place for going forward. But money earned in one year will be spent in that year. Discussion turned to elections for PTO and for the newsletter to be put on our website. Then discussion turned to Board elections. David Sullivan made a motion that the deadline for candidates to turn in their resume’ will be May 24th and the election will be held the last week of school, May 28th through the 31st.Claudia seconded the motion and all Board members were in favor. PTO will handle their own election. .
3. Title I Audit: We have to show a Parent Involvement policy. We need to post a Parent/Student compact on our website. Brenda was at the USOE and had an unexpected meeting with Sandra Grant. Sandra said there is a substantial discrepancy on the AFR and what we actually paid out. Brenda also spoke with Karl Wilsont. Title I Finding One is parent involvement. Finding Two is financial. Special Ed will be coming next week. They are going to come and look, tell us how it’s supposed to work and then go forward from there.
4. Class Sizes: Brenda discussed responses from kindergarten survey which was e-mailed out to parents last month. Brenda explained that in talking with the Finance Department at the State they pointed out that the school cannot keep going with the kindergarten program the way it is and stay solvent. Discussion on varied problems, solutions and ramifications for kindergarten. Amber Bates made a motion for a pilot program for kindergarten for next year consisting of three half day sessions; one half day session would be an enrichment program that will have a fee associated with it. This motion was contingent upon the outcome of David Sullivan having a discussion with Howard on the amount we pay in rent for kindergarteners. The school wants it based on WPU (Weighted Pupil Unit), not just by student. The motion was seconded by David Sullivan and all were in favor.
5. Teachers Salary Schedule: Brenda found a salary schedule on Chuck’s desk top. We are supposed to be higher than the Wasatch salary schedule but lower than the Park City. We are not capped. It doesn’t seem to be running true to this scenario anymore. Brenda went over schedule and explained to Board the step and lane procedure. Brenda explained what she plans on doing, as we need to be equitable and have an accurate scale.
6. Creation of Task Force: Does the Board want to give financial decision making to a committee. Should we get more stake holders involved? It was decided that we don’t want any more committees. We could put this under the community council. Talked about volunteer hours and how no one monitors them. Could put a link on the newsletter to go right to logging in volunteer hours.
7. Accreditation Update: Brenda said they have not met in three weeks because of Spring break and other obligations. They have broken up into 5 standard committees. Next meeting will be a week from Thursday.
8. David Sullivan made motion to adjourn meeting at 9:46. Chris Hughes seconded it and all Board members were in favor.

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