Charter Land Trust Council

School improvement is the responsibility of everyone, from students and parents to professionals and public officials. School community councils are one way we can work together to make schools more successful. 

A council is an advisory body. All of its actions and plans are overseen by the local school board. Charter Trust Land Council members are volunteers who care about the success of students and overall school improvement. By working on the council or committee, parents ensure the representation of various viewpoints and values from within the school community. Parents make up the majority of school community council members and trust land committees, and are often the driving force. 

A parent serves as chair and co-chair. It is important that parents on the council understand the responsibilities of the council, and are able to collaborate well with the other members of the council to bring about meaningful school improvement for all the children at the school.

2019-2020 Charter Land Trust Council Members

(435) 654-1347

Parent Representatives

Teacher Representative


School Land Trust Fund Information
For the last few years the focus of land trust funds has been to improve the technology, support curriculum needs, provide instructional aide support and enhance our schools environmental education and place based learning mission.  Funds for the 2019-2020 school year were used in support of that continued goal. Parents can directly influence the spending of Trust Lands funds by serving on the community council, providing suggestions to the community council members, or attending a community council meeting.

Community Council Rules of Order and Information
The Soldier Hollow Charter School Charter Trust Land Council was formed in March 2013 by a call for volunteers.  Nominations and elections for community council will be held each year in the spring.  If there are not enough candidates, an election will not be held.  Community council members serve for 2 years. To ensure continuity while limiting the length of service, 3 of the the parent member positions (including chair and co-chair) will be up for election each year. The community council follows the suggested rules of order from the Utah State School Land Trust web site. If you are interested in becoming part of the community council in the future, please contact one of the community council members or check back here for nomination or volunteer filing information.

2020-2021 Meeting Schedule

October 20, 20206:20 pmLibrary
December 20206:20 pmLibrary
February 20216:20 pmLibrary
April 20216:20 pmLibrary
June 20216:20 pmLibrary

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