As a Utah public school, we follow the new Utah State curriculum framework.  Please keep in mind that a curriculum is a framework, a guide with standards and benchmarks outlined, but each charter school or district is able to choose their own curricular materials.  We follow curriculum reviews to determine the best curriculum for our students learning styles and needs.


GO Math is our board approved math curriculum, which came highly recommended from the core training that teachers attended.  This is a Houghton Mifflin Harcourt program which offers an engaging and interactive approach to covering the Common Core State Standards. It offers numerous approaches to teaching math concepts, which addresses different learning styles.  Its seamless digital path and Write-in Student Edition ensure that students can access content at appropriate levels of depth and rigor. – See more at: GO MATH!

Please read this recently release study from the Center for Education Policy Research-Harvard University: Educators’ Perspectives on Common Core Implementation


SHCS uses Scholastic Science as well as Discovery Education Science, and the  talents of the staff to provide a comprehensive science curriculum.  Many of our elementary teachers also have degrees in science, so our curriculum is very place-based.  Every year, we have students that make it through districts, through regionals and to the state finals in the Science Fair, and even win.  This year is no exception with three of our students just placing in regionals, and four more graduated 7th grade students just made it to districts from Rocky Mountain. Our science is strong.

Find out more about our science focus at:  Discovery Education.

Here is more information directly from the Discovery Education website:

Discovery Education Science helps educators engage young minds with inquiry-based learning, while reinforcing important literacy and mathematics skills.

  • Provide students with leveled informational science text and reading passages specific to standard content areas
  • Take students beyond theory to the more engaging world of practical demonstrations and explorations
  • Address multiple learning styles through resources such as leveled reading passages, e-books, Fun-Damentals, and engaging video segments
  • Help students learn to interpret data, draw conclusions supported by this data, and practice important math skills with Virtual Labs and Explorations
  • Track students’ understanding with online selected response assessments or Brief Constructed Responses (BCR), which includes teacher scoring tools
  • Encourage additional learning by enabling students to access middle school level resources on particular topics

Language Arts

Our Language Arts Program is a teacher created program.  This year, we are supplementing with Common Core Coach, to provide a sequential approach and fill in any missing gaps in our language curriculum.  We value our teacher created program, as it has proven extremely successful, but we also want teachers to have the tools to guide all learners through the curriculum.  We use the Spalding philosophy to teach spelling.  The phonemic awareness that this method provides to our young readers gives them a solid foundation to grow in other areas of the Language Arts.  Our teachers guide students through the Six Traits of Effective Writing as well as conducting Writers Workshops.

Social Studies

Our social studies program is comprised of teacher created materials as well as numerous support materials such as weekly social studies guides, current event materials, field trips and project based learning to study our history, as well as texts to support our curriculum.

Physical Education

Our physical education program is unique to our school.  Students take advantage of the state park to enjoy long hikes in the fall and spring, as well as archery, soccer, biking and many other outdoor activities.  Skiing and snow shoeing in the winter are favorite activities.  Students participate two hours a week during the months of December-February, in cross country skiing taught by ski professionals at the Soldier Hollow Cross Country Resort, culminating in our Olympics on March 6.  From time to time, an Olympian or two provides instruction for our students, or brings their medals to school and shares their Olympic experiences with them.  This winter we will also offer ice skating, and are hoping to create a equine program as well as partner with the local golf club for golfing lessons.

The Arts

Our art program focuses on the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design. The Elements are the building blocks of art, and the Principles are how those building blocks are put together in an art composition. We study art history through several artists and movements as well as multi-cultural art.  The students have the opportunity to use different techniques and mediums to continue to build a foundation, enhance their skills, and grow their interest in the arts.

Our art program culminates in an annual Art Festival to give the students the spotlight through a display of their masterpieces.  We work with everything from paint and pastels, clay and plaster, along with upcycled objects and items from nature for our art projects, resulting in an exciting show that the kids look forward to. We showcase both individual work as well as collaborative projects in our art show.

Our music program consists of weekly vocal music classes.  We incorporate the basic elements of music: rhythm, meter, tempo, beat, pitch, movement, and performance.  The students gain and understanding and appreciation of music and are introduced to music theory concepts.

Our students participate in a number of musical performances throughout the year to celebrate their vocal talents.