Our Curriculum

environmental education

The focus of the program is to promote awareness of, understanding, and respect for the natural world and to offer experiences outdoors across the curriculum with emphasis on the arts and physical education.

language arts

core principles

We implement a curricular model using core curriculum principles as the structure with a place-based, interdisciplinary teaching approach. Testing and assessment will be based upon the standards set by the State of Utah.


Our math program blends direct instruction, structured investigation, and open exploration, resulting in a strong understanding of math concepts. Seeing, touching, and sketching help our learners construct, understand, and apply mathematical ideas.

the arts

The process of making discoveries in art nurtures the imagination and builds self-confidence while benefiting critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. At SHCS, the arts are used as a tool for exploration to better understand individuals, their skills, interests, goals and character. The arts curriculum integrates elements in nature and place-based experience. The program helps students develop an understanding and appreciation of music, drama, film, animation, and dance as well as visual arts and crafts.

science & STEAM


Computers will be used as a learning tool in the classroom. Computers will not replace hands-on experience, but will be used to supplement learning, research and creative projects. The students will have controlled and monitored access to the Internet as required by the Utah State Office of Education.

physical education

The students become a part of Team Soldier Hollow and have the opportunity to become fit and strong while skiing and hiking the beautiful trails at Soldier Hollow. Our school holds an annual, “International” cross-country and biathlon event, where the students experience personal challenge and competition. The students explore and observe animal habitat, wetlands, birds, weather and other living things, while breathing fresh air and learning the value of a healthy lifestyle.

As a Utah public school, we follow the new Utah State curriculum framework.  Please keep in mind that a curriculum is a framework, a guide with standards and benchmarks outlined, but each charter school or district is able to choose their own curricular materials.  We follow curriculum reviews to determine the best curriculum for our students learning styles and needs. The Utah State Core Curriculum will be the basis for teaching at Soldier Hollow Charter School.

We believe that children are more engaged in learning when the studies make a connection with their lives. The focus of the program is:

  • To promote awareness of, understanding and respect for the natural world
  • To offer experiences outdoors across the curriculum with emphasis on the arts and physical education
  • To inspire and empower students to work with creativity and originality to become responsible members of society
  • To build a curricular model for place-based interdisciplinary learning using core curriculum principals as the structure

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