Extended Overnight Field Experiences

Beginning in 4th grade, the highlight for Soldier Hollow students is our longtime tradition of extended overnight trips. With a new adventure at each grade level, these outdoor trips help our students become lifelong learners, develop social skills and independence, and promote participation in the world around them in the ultimate “beyond the classroom” experience.

Our students love to learn environmental science and outdoor education through hands-on projects at school. These field-based trips offer a unique experience that supplements our inquiry-based learning approach.  Our students form lasting bonds and lifelong memories as they overcome challenges and work through problem-solving activities together.

These special outdoor experiences are designed to promote trust and working as a team; to teach outdoor preparedness and etiquette; to develop a respect and appreciation for nature; and to provide a personal connection with plant, animal, and earth studies. These annual adventures continue to build upon our strong foundation of teamwork and contribute to a healthy school culture.

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