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  • Local Education Agency Specific License Policy


    April 21, 2022, Changes in CACTUS after this date are not included


    Total Full time Equivalency (FTE) assigned to each school or to the Lea as of date of the data being pulled

    Percentage of Educators Fully Qualified (Professional)


    Percentage of the FTE that is fully qualified for their assignment.  Fully qualified means the

    educator has a current professional license and professional license areas and endorsements

    for their assignments

    Percentages of Educators Partially Qualified (Associate)

    Percentage of FTE that is partially qualified for their assignment.  Partially Qualified means the educator has an associate license/license area or endorsement in their assignment.  This

    includes professionally licensed educators who have received associate level license area/endorsements. 



    Percentage of Educators not Qualified (LEA Specific)

    Percentage of FTE that is not qualified for their assignment.  This includes educators without

    a current license, educators teaching on an LEA specific or a professional or associate educator teaching outside their area.  All LEA specific licenses fall into this category.

    License Type Descriptions 
    An LEA-Specific educator license, including areas of concentration and endorsements, is issued by the state board at the request of an LEA’s governing body (example: local school board) that is valid for an employee to fill a position in the LEA if other licensing routes for the applicant are untenable or unreasonable.
    The Associate Educator License is for anyone who wants to teach in Utah but has not completed an educator preparation program but has met the content knowledge proficiency requirement or has a major in the subject area and is going through an educator preparation program. (University-based or alternate program).
    A Professional Educator license is for teachers who have completed an educator preparation program. (University-based or alternate program)

    Professional LEA Specific Associate
    Total FTE
    Fully Qualified
    Educators who are teaching under LEA Specific or are not Qualified
    Educators in an Associate Program to become Professional Qualified

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  • Emergency Response Plan

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