Soldier Hollow Charter School is busy with many end of the year events. The week began with an Art Show and Ice Cream Social that many  families attended. A variety of techniques and materials were used by students to create these stunning art pieces under the guidance of their fantastic art teacher, Christy Carroll.

This week was SHCS’s annual  Environmental Education Days with the theme “Water Warriors.”  Throughout the week, students engaged in many activities to learn how important it is to work to sustain our water resources, even after a winter and spring with abundant precipitation. 

As part of this year’s “Water Warrior” theme, students donated funds for water filters for Haiti. The closing assembly revealed which teacher had the most money donated into their jar. Mrs. Radu was the winner who kissed a pig to the cheering of all the students! The 2nd grade also performed the “Garden Show.”

Other activities for our “Water Warriors” were rotations with water topics presented by local experts and middle school students. Some of the topics were composting, soil elements, water treatment plants, water usage, how to store and transport water, and conservation. The 5th grade had another guest speaker from Wasatch County Environmental Health Department, who explained how septic systems work. In addition, they had a lesson on water rights, and how water gets allotted to communities by an attorney who specializes in water legal issues.

Girls on the Run had a great inaugural year at SHCS. The participating girls improved their running skills, learned how to be more healthy, and to make goals in their lives. Despite some rain, the girls completed their 5K run to prepare for the celebration 5K with all schools combined on Saturday, June 1st.

Many more activities are planned for the last week of school!