Cross-Country Skiing and Biathalon Training

Students at Soldier Hollow Charter School embrace the outdoors in all seasons! We have an 8-week ski program where students ski for one hour, twice a week.

Soldier Hollow Charter School students attend school at the 2002 Olympic and Paralympic venue for cross country skiing and biathlon. As a part of their physical education program, students  ski two days a week, for eight weeks (once for kindergarten). Students are taught the fundamentals of cross country skiing through games, drills, and other fun activities.

Ski Program and Olympic Schedule


Indoor Instruction Days


Regular Ski Schedule


Olympic Days

Ski Program Volunteers

Soldier Hollow Charter School parents are encouraged to attend ski sessions with our groups at the Soldier Hollow Ski Lodge.

How you can help:

Pre & Post Skiing:

  • Assist with putting on and taking off boots
  • Distribute and return skis or poles
  • Ensure rental area is clean and orderly after skiing

On Snow:

  • Upon arrival, ask an instructor if there is a group that needs extra help (there are some big groups!)
  • Tag along with your group - It is very helpful to have someone being the “sweeper” in the back to help with any kids who need assistance
  • Assist with trips to the restroom or any other needs

Team Soldier Hollow Nordic Devo Team

The Soldier Hollow Devo Team is for youth ages 10-13 who have some ski experience. Skiers will begin to apply and understand basic training principles of cross country skiing.

Visit The Soldier Hollow Nordic Center website for more information.

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