5th Grade Activities

1st Grader’s Community Field Trip

First graders at Soldier Hollow have been busy studying about communities.  As a culminating activity we went out in our own community and visited several of the important places for our citizens.   First, we went Ridley’s Market and learned about all the different departments and how they provide so many things our families need every day. Our next stop was the Heber Fire Department.  We learned a lot of very important safety information and how we can keep our …

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The Leaves Are Falling

Falling leaves are beautiful to look at and fun to play in, but did you know you can make creative characters out of them also?  4th grade has decorated their halls with leaves from our area and made a very creative collage with them.

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Storytelling at SHCS

A storyteller visited Soldier Hollow Charter School and shared wonderful stories with all of our students.  Student laughter could be heard throughout the school, as he shared stories about his childhood and engaged students in his exciting adventures.

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Our 4th grade spent a Friday morning making scarecrows that line our fence and welcome people to SHCS.  Thank you 4th grade.  

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