Math and Art Collaborate to Create a Delicate Arch


4th grade students applied their math and art skills and created a large grid picture from a small picture.   Below are the results of their Delicate Arch project! The drawings really turned out great!

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Loveland Living Planet Aquarium Visits 4th Grade


The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium recently visited the 4th grade students and taught an interactive lesson about preserving Utah’s valuable Wetlands. Students observed snakes, toads, and salamanders. They also learned how our wetlands help slow flooding, naturally clean our water, and create habitats for Utah’s natural plants and animals. Though wetlands only occupy 1% of Utah’s landscape, they are critical to our fish and wildlife resources, especially right here in the Heber Valley.

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Rechenka’s Egg and Easter Egg Decorating


Students returned from spring break last week with many stories to share of travel and activities from their week off of school. As we are entering the last seven weeks of school, schedules are filled with various outdoor lessons, field trips, as well as end of the year testing. 4th, 5th and 6th graders are also getting very excited for their grade’s annual spring trips to Moab, Bullfrog, and Teton Science School.   The 3rd grade students learned last week …

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Wheels at Recess


                  Students can ride scooters, bikes or roller blade during recess at Soldier Hollow Charter School.  Safety first, so they put on their helmets and any other safety gear they have, and enjoy themselves immensely during recess.  

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Great Days for Hikes


What a great week for hikes.  Students walked up towards the cottage, then continued down the asphalt paths towards the place where the yurt used to be a long time ago. They took a short break to lay down, closed their eyes, opened their ears and listened to nature. With their eyes closed, they could also pay more attention to the smells of nature.  Using their senses, they explored nature in depth today. Most of the students wanted to play …

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