2nd Graders Learn about Mayflower Compact through Play


   The 2nd graders at Soldier Hollow Charter School are loving learning. Last week they studied the Mayflower. Students learned how the ship was built and why the people chose to travel on it to the “New World.” They learned the engineering process, and built their own Mayflower ships. The ships were constructed with the goal of floating while carrying ten pennies of cargo. The students had to use the materials provided in class.  As they built their Mayflower ships, the …

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A Picture is a Poem Without Words


Please enjoy our wonderful pictures and works of art, created by our young artists.   Quote by Horace

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3rd Grade Participated in Adopt an Elder Program


This month is Native American November for third graders at Soldier Hollow Charter School. Third grade participated in the Adopt and Elder Program. The Adopt an Elder Program helps Native American Elders to live on the land in their traditional lifestyle. As they have become elderly, it has become more difficult to support themselves on the land in their traditional ways. Students collected cans in a canned food drive and offered the donation to an Elder they have been corresponding …

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4th Grade Visits Mountain Man Traders Camp


On October 28 to November 1, our quaint little town was bustling with activity as we hosted the Heber Valley western Music & Cowboy Poetry Gathering. As part of the overall program, craftsmen and historians came together to demonstrate their skills and knowledge at the Mountain Man Traders Camp, set up in front of Wasatch High School. Each year, 4thgrade students from across the valley are invited to attend the Mountain Man Traders Camp as part of a district-wide fieldtrip …

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5th Graders Use Electricity Knowledge to Build Haunted Sets


This week the 5th graders wrapped up their unit on electricity by building “settings” from the mystery novels they read. The combined book report /science projects were both creative and ingenius. In addition to the haunted houses there were haunted cars, haunted airplanes, haunted pumpkins, haunted jungles, haunted bridges, haunted museums and haunted stores. All of their creations were lit up with electric circuits designed and built by the students. The 5th graders look forward every year to sharing their mystery book …

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