EE Week: BioBlitz


Soldier Hollow was exploding with activities last week.  Each year, our school has an Environmental Education Week.  This year the theme was Biodiversity and we conducted a Bio Blitz since our school is located within Wasatch State Park.  We had the children in multi-aged groups collecting information about species in our area.  The information that was collected will be shared with the state park, Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation, and on our website. On Monday the students prepared for the Bio …

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Kindergarten Visits Museum of Natural Curiosity


The kindergartners at Soldier Hollow Charter School traveled  to the Museum Of Natural Curiosity for their first field trip! The students went to the Explorer Plus class where they learned about using their senses to observe, or look closer at the world around them. They then had to try and build a tower using things like Legos, Lincoln Logs and foam shapes. After building their tower, their job was to remove one of the pieces to see what would happen. …

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Wasatch County Chess Tournament


Last Saturday, students in our county participated in a chess tournament.   Soldier Hollow Charter School had 28 students participate and overall, five schools from the valley participated (SHCS, TIS, HVE, JRS, Midway Elementary). Each player played five rounds in Swiss system. The results are great : Category K-3 : 2nd place – Marek Magleby (3rd grade) 3rd place – Brock Proper (3rd grade) Category 4-6 : 1st place – Daniel Radu (5th grade) 2nd place – Dylan Proper (4th …

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Students Learn Geometry With Sierpinski Triangles


Students were engaged in an extremely interesting geometry lesson today in fourth grade.  They created 2D and 3D triangles constructed from an equilateral triangle by repeated removal of triangular subsets.  Students: Start with an equilateral triangle. Subdivide it into four smaller congruent equilateral triangles and remove the central one. Repeat step 2 with each of the remaining smaller triangles.                              Each removed triangle (a trema) is topologically an …

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National Walk To School Day


Last Friday, our students participated in National Walk To School Day.  Parents dropped students off at the train station and they took the back way in to school.  Our local fire department and ambulance was so wonderful in participating with us.  They brought in two ambulances and a ladder truck for all to see.   Students walk about a half mile in to school where oranges and milk awaited them, provided by the hospital.  What a great place to live, …

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