Our Anti-Bullying Campaign


Students spent the first six weeks of school learning about how to fill buckets, what bucket dippers are and much more in our kickoff Anti-Bullying campaign at Soldier Hollow.  They spent time performing Random Acts of Kindness and learning how important it is to be a bucket filler and prevent bucket dipping.  Our finale was a Wear Orange to School Day, to support those who have experienced or witnessed bullying, and a pledge to be bully free all year.

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Exciting Week for First and Fourth Grade


The first grade students at Soldier Hollow Charter School are taking delight in the wonderful season of autumn here in our valley.  We have been learning about the leaf cycle, leaf types, leaf structure, their functions and why leaves change color in the fall. Ask a first grader about the changing colors and they will be sure to tell you. “They change when it gets cold.”  “They change because  they don’t make food for the tree anymore.” “ They change …

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Johnny Appleseed Visits Students at SHCS

IMG_5313 (1)

Students in Kindergarten, first grade and second grade gathered in our apple orchard and sang a Johnny Appleseed song.  Low and behold, Johnny Appleseed walked out from the apple orchard to visit with the students.  He walked with a large walking stick, a pan on his head, barefoot and carried a variety of apples with him.  What a treat for students to meet Johnny Appleseed.

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4th Grade Scarecrow Festival


Each year, our creative fourth graders make scarecrows to decorate our school and keep away the crows.  :)  This year, students were very creative in their design and clothing and they are sure to keep away the crows and maybe the magpies.

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Our School Garden

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