Spring Soiree-Denim and Diamonds


Denim and Diamonds is in four short weeks, on March 19th.  Please plan to be a part of our dinner, dance and fundraiser for Soldier Hollow.  All proceeds will go to the new music program for Soldier Hollow Charter School.  Please donate an item to be auctioned and give some of your time in helping us organize, decorate and clean up from the event.

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Winter Fun


Ice skating, Ice Castles, tubing snowshoeing, sledding and skiing all make up our winter outdoor program.  Students embrace the out of doors at Soldier Hollow and what great activities.

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Ice Castle Tours


A HUGE thank you to the Ice Castle Corporation for our school tours.  Enjoy the pictures:

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Biathlon Training


Second graders are excited to practice biathlon skiing this month at Soldier Hollow. The word biathlon translates to “the joining of two contests.” Any sport that combine two different disciplines into a single event can be called a biathlon. In the Winter Olympics, biathlon combines skiing and shooting. This sport has it’s roots in Scandinavian history when hunting on skis was needed for survival.   This year is the first year the second graders will learn to shoot pellet guns …

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SHCS Science Fair


The much anticipated Soldier Hollow Charter School Science Fair was held this week.  We had so many creative and exciting sixth grade projects represented at the fair, with additional projects completed by the first and third grade classes!  First graders created crystals and used the scientific method in doing so.  Third graders performed multiple experiments with magnets, getting to know their unique qualities and uses.  The sixth grade participants had projects ranging from which detergent is the best at fighting …

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