2nd Grade STEM Activities

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Second graders at Soldier Hollow Charter School have been studying force and motion. For the past week they have been very excited about designing a car that could not only go fast, but also finding different ways that cause force to make a car move. They had the opportunity to facetime Brian Lighthall a former resident of Midway who now lives in Michigan. Brian works for Teneco Company, where he is a mechanical engineer who designs all makes of cars. …

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Weather Projects, Simple Machines and Even a Bagpiper

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The second graders had their weather projects on display for the science fair last Friday.  Each child created a project about weather including tornadoes in a bottle, snowflakes and instant snow, and how weather affects our activities and lifestyle. Third graders put their Simple Machine Leprechaun Traps on display as well.  In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, each student put their science caps on, and came up with a way to trap those sneaky little Leprechauns using at least three …

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Culture: The Widening of the Mind and Spirit

Team Mexico

  Combine food, geography, culture, food, traditional dress, art projects, food, history, and food, and what do you get? Soldier Hollow Charter School’s annual Cultural Day! This culminating event of the Soldier Hollow Charter School Olympics turns the focus from athletics to understanding of other cultures around the globe. Each multi-age Olympic team spent five weeks learning about their country, doing hands-on projects, creating a display of their country’s culture, and, finally, cooking. For example, Team Greece replicated the scientific …

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Staff, Volunteers and Coaches Flash Mob our Students

Thursday was our Cultural Day and the culmination of our Olympic season at Soldier Hollow Charter School.  At our awards ceremony, the staff  and volunteers had a surprise for our students.  Watch our staff flash mob the students to the beat of Uptown Funk. https://picasaweb.google.com/116984782099903074384/AwardCeremonyDance?authuser=0&feat=directlink

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It’s a Little Fishy in Fourth Grade

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Recently, things have seemed a little fishy in one of our 4th grade classrooms. It could be the little fish! The 4th grade class at Soldier Hollow Charter School is one of a few lucky classes nationwide to participate in the Trout in the Classroom Program. This program is led by the local Utah chapter of Trout Unlimited (TU) and supported by a partnership with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. The goal of the program is help students learn …

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