End of the Year Art Festival


This year, our Art Festival returned to Soldier Hollow.  Thank you to all of our WONDERFUL art coordinators and parents that organized our art program this year.  You brought so much to the classroom for our students with the Meet the Masters modified program.  Our students learned art history, various types of media and famous artists that have influenced generations of enthusiasts.  We look forward to another wonderful year with our 

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2nd and 3rd Grade Bike Trip Down Provo Canyon


At the end of each year, the second and third graders, along with some wonderful parents, make a trip down Provo Canyon on their bicycles.  The trip begins at Vivian Park and ends near the dam.  Along the safe ride, there are stops for popsicles, play and learning about the environment.  For the most part, it is great to be in the outdoors, exercising and enjoying the end of the year with your classmates.

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End of Year Survey

We would like to get your feedback on the school year with the end of year school survey.  The survey is a modification of last year’s parent survey.   It consists of 18 questions, and the school board and school community council will be reviewing any input you are able to provide.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school office or Mrs. Hedden. To take the survey, visit the link below. Each parent can take the survey, but …

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Wave Article May 28

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The second grade at Soldier Hollow Charter school is exploding with activities during these last few weeks of school!  Our second grade teachers went above and beyond to create fun and exciting experiences for kids.  Thank you Mrs. Cineus and Mrs. Kearny!   Soldier Hollow has been participating in Hope of America for years.  The kids and the teachers must put in many hours of practice to be ready for the big, patriotic day.  Schools around the state come and participate in this unique …

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BOOKS ROCK Assembly with Richard Paul Evans and Doug Osmond

We hope to see ALL OF YOU Friday morning at 11:00 a.m. at our outdoor amphitheater, adjacent to our large parking lot.  Doug Osmond, a parent of three of our students, and Richard Paul Evans, author of 28 books and four screenplays, will be at our school to discuss the importance of reading books.  Come out and meet the author, which is a real treat since he just published his latest book this month and kindly fit us in to …

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