Outdoor Learning, Field Trips and Service Learning


We are quickly approaching the end of the school year. With this comes many exciting adventures for our students. Among these adventures include SAGE testing, trips to Moab for our 4th graders, and Bullfrog for our 5th graders. Many teachers enhanced their science curriculum by attending a workshop presented by the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium. Part of the workshop included using the outdoors for teaching science and integrating other subjects into science. Participants walked away with many great ideas as well as …

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Our Young Artists


Last Friday, our wonderful Art Committee organized the SHCS Art Festival at the Lodge at Soldier Hollow.  What an amazing day it was with works of art from each student displayed.  Please enjoy these pictures and see the talent at SHCS.

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Amazing Adventures in 1st and 2nd Grades

IMG_0949 (1)

Soldier Hollow Charter School took the opportunity to participate once again in the Hope of America program. This program teaches the students to take pride in their country.The students sang about the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. They learned in class about how these important documents shaped the values of our country. In class the students wrote their own Bill Of Rights and learned that asking for a right also means taking responsibility.  Second grader Sahra Colley …

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Kindergarteners Have a Career Day

2015-04 FT - In & Out, GTU, #14 (36) (1)

We are surrounded by so many different people and occupations working every day to give us the things we need and want. This week our kindergartners got to see first-hand how a fast-food restaurant prepares and serves their food while touring In & Out Burger in American Fork as Honorary Associates. They not only went behind the counter to see the register, prep area, grill, and storage, but then had the opportunity to order and be served their own burger, …

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2nd Grade STEM Activities

photo 1 (1)

Second graders at Soldier Hollow Charter School have been studying force and motion. For the past week they have been very excited about designing a car that could not only go fast, but also finding different ways that cause force to make a car move. They had the opportunity to facetime Brian Lighthall a former resident of Midway who now lives in Michigan. Brian works for Teneco Company, where he is a mechanical engineer who designs all makes of cars. …

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