Please Note: Solider Hollow will not be offering a Pre-K program for the 2021-2022 school year. We appreciate your support.

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Nurturing inquiry
and creativity

using the
natural world
as our classroom.

What you'll LOVE about Soldier Hollow

Project-based Environmental Education
Foster awareness & responsibility

All students participate in Hands to Work, which is a school community service time, in which students focus on one area of the school and improve it.

Extended Overnight Travel Adventures
Instill appreciation & respect for nature

Beginning in 4th grade, the highlight for Soldier Hollow students is our longtime tradition of extended overnight trips.

Place-based Learning Opportunities
Take the classroom into the natural world

Place-based learning immerses students in local heritage, landscapes, cultures, and community, and uses these experiences as a foundation for study in subjects across the curriculum.

Cross-Country Ski & Biathlon Program
Build confidence. Become a team.

Students at Soldier Hollow Charter School embrace the outdoors in all seasons! We have an 8-week ski program where students ski for one hour, twice a week.

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