It's Book Fair Week!

Did you know that we get a portion of sales from the #ScholasticBookFair? For our spring fair—running March 18-21—Soldier Hollow will get 70 percent of the profits! We use this money to help teachers fill their classroom libraries and more! So don’t forget to join us, or shop our online fair from March 13-26! More info here: Come to Our Book Fair! 

We’ve got a new payment option for the #ScholasticBookFair this year! It’s called eWallet, and it means you don’t have to remember to send cash with your kids. Get all the details and set up your student’s account here: How it works 

If you can’t make it to the Book Fair, you can still shop the fair online to benefit the school! Shop the fair online from March 13-26. Shop Online

The Soldier Hollow middle school would like to extend a huge thank you to the Snake Creek Grill for allowing us to take over their restaurant this past Tuesday. We were able to raise a generous amount of funds to go towards our end of the year field trips. As part of our charter we encourage place based and outdoor education. We use this as an opportunity every year to take our students on a culminating, overnight field trip to solidify our learning in several areas. Our 6th graders will be attending the Teton Science School in May, 7th grade will be white water rafting with the Canyonlands Field Institute in the middle of April, and 8th grade will be headed to California to work with the Catalina Environmental Leadership Program at the end of April.

This week Mrs. Hayes’ first graders had a visit from Amy Francis, a professional dog trainer. Amy is currently training their classroom puppy, Millie, who is working to become a therapy dog. Amy taught the students the different levels of dogs and how to recognize if a strange dog is safe to approach and what to do if a dog is unsafe. Thank you Amy for spending time with our first graders and helping them to be safer around dogs. 

Our 8th grade students are excited to begin using their new Ozobot Evos. Ozobots are small robots that students are able to code to complete many different tasks. Our Evos will be used in the middle school classrooms to help students engage in math, science, STEM, and coding. We were able to acquire our new Ozobots by writing and obtaining a grant through the STEM Action Center of Utah.