With the third term behind us, spring is in the air!  That means the Soldier Hollow Charter School third-graders were at it again trying to trap Leprechauns using their Simple Machine traps.  Third graders have been learning about and building simple machines for six weeks now.  Knex have been used as a hands-on approach to not just learning about the different machines and functions, but building them.  This kinesthetic activity builds confidence as the students take on such a huge STEM project at home!

After students understand simple machines, they are tasked with building a trap implementing at least three of them that will be sure to capture a Leprechaun!  Each night traps are set, only to find a Leprechaun trail in the morning scattered with gold coins and footprints around their classroom.  In all the years of this SHCS tradition, third graders have yet to trap these little guys!

The third grade’s culminating place-based STEM activity was a field trip down to Thanksgiving Point’s Museum of Natural Curiosity.  While there, students will find an expansive simple machine park where they are allowed to learn, play, and WRITE what machines they see in action.  The luck of the Irish has been with the Soldier Hollow Charter School's third grade over the past few weeks!