Hands to Work

All students participate in Hands to Work, which is a school community service time, in which students focus on one area of the school and improve it.  At the end of each day, middle school students take out trash and recycling and help clean areas of the school. All of the other grades are assigned a different area of the 10 acre property to pick up trash on a weekly basis.

EE Week


Benefits of Environmental Education

  • Hands-on, interactive projects heighten imagination and enthusiasm for learning in all subjects
  • Connections beyond the classroom - students are able to apply their learning in the real world
  • As students research and investigate environmental issues, they are enhancing their critical and creative thinking skills
  • Promotes understanding and tolerance of different cultures and points of view by understanding all sides to an issue
  • Outdoor learning centers or bringing nature inside integrates state and national core learning standards through interdisciplinary learning
  • Exposing children to the outdoors fosters appreciation and respect for nature and the environment
  • Encourages healthy lifestyles by promoting good nutrition, activity and exercise, and spending time in nature
  • Promotes a sense of place and connection as students reach out to their community for ways to help
  • Teaches responsibility - students realize how their decisions affect the environment and they understand the steps to reduce their impact
  • Promotes student leadership - students are empowered with the knowledge to share their voice and make a difference

Environmental education connects us to the world around us and raises awareness of issues impacting the environment. Through EE, we can learn what actions we can take to improve and sustain our environment.

Each year, we hold an EE week that consists of special presentations, activities, and community service projects. Students experience an immersion program in environmental education with presentations that range from animal habitats to watershed studies and local fauna.


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