What Makes Us Different


Environmental studies

knowledge is the key for change.


Hands-on Learning

understanding through discovery.


Travel adventures

an appreciation and respect for nature.


Winter sports

building confidence through outdoor skills.


Student-Centered Learning

personalized instruction and guidance through small class sizes.


Parental involvement

sharing learning and love.


Olympic & Cultural Days

it's all about teamwork.

Our goal is not to compete with the Wasatch School District, but simply provide an alternative option. We understand that a one size fits all does not work in education and we know that students need to move... a lot. The brain needs oxygen, and the body needs movement. We know to stay happy and healthy students need strong core body strength. We believe that children learn through playing and exploring and that participating in activities helps most to learn. Our students spend time out in the environment learning how math, science, language arts other subjects are relevant to their lives and the world in which they live.

  • All students participate in ice skating during the month of December. In January and February, our students also go to Wasatch Mountain State Park and use Olympic facilities to cross country ski twice per week during school.
  • Every student at Soldier Hollow ages kindergarten through 5th grade attend art and theater classes each week. Our middle school students have the opportunity to participate in advanced art and theater classes.
  • Communication and a strong student/parent/teacher relationship are important in every child's success. Our teachers provide updates and stay in contact with parents through email, text messages, phone calls, and personal meetings to ensure all needs are met. Our teachers and parents remain friends long after the child moves on.
  • We take pride in our small class sizes and individualized instruction. Our teachers are able to really get to know each one of their students to appreciate their unique personalities and address any academic and social needs. That personal connection helps your child feel important, safe, and noticed. The students are able to develop friendships and bonds as a small group.
  • We are proud of our partnership with Zermatt Resort and Little Caesar's Pizza to give our kids the opportunity for a delicious and affordable lunch option Monday-Thursday of each week.

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