A Sense of Place

Place-Based Education

Place-based learning immerses students in local heritage, landscapes, cultures, and community, and uses these experiences as a foundation for study in subjects across the curriculum.



Hands-On Learning

Place-based education utilizes the school grounds, the city, public lands, and nature as resources, turning the outdoors and local community into classrooms.


Telling a Story

Fostering a connection with local history and culture

Place-based education creates partnerships between schools and communities and emphasizes learning through participation in service projects for the local school and community.

The purpose of Soldier Hollow Charter School is to create an innovative educational model that nurtures inquiry and creativity.  The natural world will be used as a classroom for place-based learning across the curriculum.

Place-based environmental education strives to build a foundation for the young as future citizens who will actively participate in the democratic process, first within the school and ultimately the community and beyond. We believe that children are more engaged in learning when their studies make a connection with their lives.

The focus of our program is:

  • to promote awareness of, understanding and respect for the natural world
  • to offer experiences outdoors, across the curriculum with emphasis on the arts and physical education
  • to inspire and empower students to work with creativity and originality to become responsible members of society
  • to build a curriculum model for place-based interdisciplinary learning using core curriculum principles as the structure
Place-Based Studies at Soldier Hollow

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