What makes our Middle School special?

Student-Centered Learning

The small student to teacher ratio that Soldier Hollow provides enables the middle school teachers to really connect with each student. This is especially important at with this age group, where insecurities and social pressures can be overwhelming. Our teachers know each individual, and have a unique opportunity to cater lessons and attention to each student’s individual needs. By maintaining our small class size, we are able to provide many hands-on, meaningful, place-based learning opportunities.

Curriculum & Academic Excellence

Our highly qualified middle school teachers are excited to work together with parents and students to inspire critical thinkers who will thrive in high school, college, and life. Our teachers are dedicated to help our kids become well-rounded, responsible adolescents who are uniquely prepared to make a positive impact in the world. Our middle school setting offers a small and creative learning environment that engages students by way of personalized instruction, project-based studies, and a variety of enrichment opportunities.

State Testing Scores

Our middle school students have shown higher growth and proficiency on SAGE testing than most middle schools in the state of Utah with 75-79% proficiency in Language Arts and Science in 2016/17 and 2017/18.

Preparation for High School & Beyond

Students are taking all required technology courses and are familiar with Canvas, SIS, Google classroom, Office, and many other programs used at the middle and high school levels.

Student-Led Electives

Our middle school program is designed to allow our electives to be student-interest driven. We survey our students in May to get an idea of what programs they would be interested in being involved in for the following school year. A student-directed system helps balance student choice with curriculum goals and helps the students take responsibility for their learning goals. The support and guidance of the teachers who know the students so well will help them achieve their goals.

Environmental Education

The middle school program is designed to blend environmental education into the core curriculum (with a focus on science) as well as additional learning opportunities. During the school week, Fridays are dedicated to focusing on local, regional, and national environmental issues. The middle school has worked with, and plans to continue to work with, the Provo River Conservation Group in helping clean the Provo/Deer Creek area. The culmination of each middle school grade is the environmental-focused extended overnight trips toward the end of the school year. 6th grade travels to the Teton Science School in Jackson, WY. The students spend 3 days immersed in the local ecology while learning to collect and analyze scientific data. 7th grade travels to Canyonlands in Utah to experience whitewater rafting while learning about erosion, geological time-scale, and surviving in a local habitat. 8th grade travels to Catalina Environmental Leadership Program in California spending a week studying marine habitats.

Community Outreach

The middle school works with Provo River Conservation Group to assist cleaning our local Deer Creek/ Provo River area. The middle school sponsors a canned food drive in November. The middle school works with Charleston Town Hall to regularly sweep through the town of Charleston to provide litter pick up and removal. The middle school plans to donate a percentage of funds raised by the students to a local charity. The middle school parents have been an amazing asset in helping provide volunteer hours and ideas to aid our students achieve their goals for fundraising and community outreach.

Student Council

Our Student Council gives middle school students the opportunity to be school ambassadors and work to improve student life. Being involved in the Student Council helps teach our students leadership skills and how to work together toward a common goal. They learn to communicate with other students as well as adults both at school and in the community. Their creativity and enthusiasm help to facilitate improvements and exciting events for our school.

Buddy System

Students in our middle school have the opportunity to be leaders in the school. They take on the role of protector, tutor, and role model to our younger students. Working together on exciting curricular and seasonal activities gives our students the opportunity to build relationships. 

Our mixed-age group of students show off the friendships they've developed with a quick high-five as they pass by throughout the day.



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