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Staying Safe

The safety of our staff, students, and families are a priority at Soldier Hollow Charter School. We have developed guidance for the opening of school with the opportunity for our students to attend on a fairly regular schedule in addition to a distance learning option. These guidelines along with the flexibility within our learning plan are intended to provide a reassurance of importance and protection for our staff, students, and community.

Please visit the links below to view our plan to safely reopen Soldier Hollow Charter School this fall during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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2020-2021 School Schedule

Monday through Thursday: 8:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.
Friday: All classes will be online from 8:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. 

Return to Learn Plan

Please view our informational video for important information about Soldier Hollow Charter School's plans for reopening this fall and to help answer any questions you may have.

Options for Returning to School

Our in-person option will also be modified for the safety and wellness of our students and staff. If, for any reason, you do not feel comfortable or would not like your child to attend in-person school, we are excited to offer a fully online option for your family.

Modified In-Person Learning:

  • School will be in person following a 4:1 schedule.
  • Monday-Thursday 8:15 a.m. - 3:15 p.m. 
  • Fridays will include:
    • teacher office hours for in-person or online support (by appointment). 
    • At home learning for all students.         
  • Cloth masks will be required by everyone on school grounds. (Allowances may be made under the discretion of the teacher with appropriate distancing.) 
  • Increased hand washing, hygiene, and cleaning procedures
  • Designated building entry and exit points
  • Parent Symptom Survey
  • Personal school supply kits
  • Physical distancing during recess  
  • Utilization of outdoor classrooms
  • Continuation of the great Soldier Hollow experience we all love!

Virtual Learning:

  • To be successful, parents must be involved.
  • Live streaming of class, plus recordings posted on CANVAS daily
  • Weekly schedule will be posted on the teacher homepage by the previous Friday.
  • Communication and scheduling will be through CANVAS, providing one common platform for all grades.
  • Friday teacher check-in (in-person at school or virtual) 
  • Flexible transition between in-person and virtual. 
  • Continuation of the great Soldier Hollow experience we all love!

What we will do as teachers and staff:

  • Identify and mitigate risk and spread through hourly hand washing/sanitizing, disinfection of commonly used surfaces, wearing masks, maximizing physical distancing, individual supplies and learning tools, staggering transition times, using assigned seating, outdoor teaching, hallway flow adjustments, recess and outdoor play equipment modifications, and designating entry and exit points.
  • Accommodate individual circumstances for high-risk students and staff. 
  • Be aware of illness and symptoms within our student body and contact a student’s family immediately if a student exhibits symptoms. The school will identify a quarantine area for students who are sick and unable to return home.
  • Have online curricula and systems in place to prepare for possible temporary reclosing for a smooth transition between in-person and online learning.

What you can do:

  • Be positive!
  • Remember to send your child to school with a clean mask each day. Help them to stay excited to wear it at all times and to understand why it's important.
  • Reinforce the expectation for frequent hand washing, mask wearing, and social distancing at home.
  • Keep your child home if they have a fever, cough, or any symptoms or cold or flu.
  • Remember to complete the daily online health screening.
  • Talk to your child about changes with school routines and answer any questions they have to help them feel comfortable and understand that these changes are there to help keep all students and teachers safe.
  • Prepare your family for possible school closures and a quick transition from in-person to online learning.
  • Recognize that you have options for your child's learning and feel confident that Soldier Hollow is dedicated to all of our students' education in both our in-person and online school models.
  • Know that you as a guardian and parent have the right to keep your child home at any time as you assess risk as it relates to your family.
  • Understand that these guidelines are determined by health and educational professionals to ensure the health and academic success of your child considering the physical environment, time spent in school, and the potential risk to the health of our students, staff, and families.

Student Guidelines:

  • Prepare for a unique school year and remain engaged in your learning, no matter the format.
  • We will require students to wash and sanitize their hands frequently.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Wear a mask at all times (allowances may be made under the discretion of the teacher with appropriate distancing).
  • Sit in assigned seats.
  • Bring a personal water bottle each day (refill stations will be available).
  • All students will have lunch in classrooms.
  • Remember how important it is to respect our teachers and staff to maintain order and to follow our safety measures in the classroom, the hallways, and outside.

Online Health Screening

The school requires parents to take their student’s temperature to verify that the student has not exhibited any COVID-19 symptoms prior to coming to school. SHCS will send an online Health Screening form prior to each day a student is scheduled to come to campus for face-to-face activities to verify each student’s condition prior to each day on campus. The school staff will also make a visual inspection as students arrive at school, and any individuals exhibiting symptoms may be asked to return home and monitor for developing symptoms.

*All staff are subject to the same social distancing Online Health Screening procedure prior to coming to campus for work each day. 

School Campus Entry/Exit Map

For the 2020-21 school year, we will be using assigned entry and exit points for each grade during our school day as well as designated traffic flow throughout the building.

Click on the image for a printable version of the map.

Be Safe - Be Respectful - Be Responsible

We take pride in the culture of Soldier Hollow and the importance of always being safe, respectful, and responsible. We appreciate your cooperation with all of our new safety measures and school format. The community support in our effort has been overwhelming and humbling. As more changes and challenges are sure to come, we will continue to build upon our motto of looking out for one another and working together to make our Soldier Hollow family stronger than ever.

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